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How to Publish Your Own Book on NFTBOOKS Platform

In today’s digital age, self-publishing has become an increasingly popular option for authors seeking to retain control over their work and maximize their earnings. The NFTBOOKS platform leverages blockchain technology and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to offer a revolutionary approach to publishing, empowering authors to publish their books securely and transparently. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to publish your book on the NFTBOOKS platform, ensuring you navigate each step with confidence and ease.

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

Before you can begin the publishing process on NFTBOOKS, you need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the platform. Ensure your wallet supports $MATIC coins, as you will need them to pay for network gas fees. Additionally, you should have $NFTBS tokens, which are required for publishing fees.

Connect your wallet at NFTBOOKS

Step 2: Become an Author

  1. Visit the NFTBOOKS platform homepage.
  2. Click on the “Become an Author” tab.
  3. Fill in your personal information as prompted.
  4. Submit your identity proof for verification.

For a visual demonstration of this process, refer to the video below :

Step 3: Complete KYC (Know Your Customer) Verification

After submitting your personal information and identity proof, you will receive an email from the NFTBOOKS team to complete the KYC process. This step is crucial to ensure the security and authenticity of all users on the platform. For more details on KYC at NFTBOOKS, read the blog “Empowering Authors with Secure Ownership on NFTBOOKS.” Once your KYC is approved, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that your registration as an author is complete.

Step 4: Upload Your Book

With your author registration confirmed, your name will now be visible in the list of authors. You are ready to create and upload your book on the NFTBOOKS platform. Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Navigate to the “Bookshelf” icon on the platform.
  2. Select “Created Books.”
  3. Click on the book that you want to publish.
  4. Fill in the necessary details such as the book’s name, title, description, and other metadata. Be meticulous, as these details are immutable once the book is pushed to the blockchain.
  5. If you have a co-author, enter their wallet address and specify the agreed-upon revenue percentage.

For a step-by-step visual guide, watch the video below :

Step 5: Book Review Process

After uploading your book, it will undergo a thorough review by the NFTBOOKS team. This review process involves:

  1. Content Originality Check: Using advanced tools, the platform checks for plagiarism to ensure that your content is original and not copyrighted by any other author.
  2. Explicit Material Screening: To maintain the platform’s integrity and comply with legal standards, your book will be screened for explicit content.

Upon successful review, you will receive an email notification confirming that your book is ready for publication.

Step 6: Publishing Your Book

Once your book passes the review process, you can proceed to publish it by following these steps:

Prepare for Publication:

Ensure you have sufficient $MATIC coins and $NFTBS tokens for the necessary fees.

Connect Your Wallet:

Reconnect your wallet to the NFTBOOKS platform if needed.

Navigate to Your Book:

  • Go to the “Bookshelf” icon.
  • Select “Created Books.
  • Click on the book that is ready for publication.

Initiate Publishing:

  • Click on “Publish.”Enter the publication date.Set the publication’s end date, which can be no later than one month after the start date.
  • Ensure the GMT on the left-hand side matches with the GMT on the right-hand side. Set your local GMT time.
  • Specify the number of copies of the book you wish to publish (between 1 to 1000).Set the royalty revenue percentage for sales and rentals (up to a maximum of 10%).
  • Enter the affiliate percentage you wish to share.

Submit and Approve Transaction:

  • Click on the submit button.
  • Approve the transaction through your wallet.
  • Pay the required fees using the “Aggressive” gas fee option for faster processing.
  • Once the transaction is approved and the fees are paid, your book will be officially published on the NFTBOOKS platform.

Final Thoughts

Publishing a book on the NFTBOOKS platform is a seamless process that integrates the latest blockchain technology to provide security, transparency, and fair compensation for authors. By following this guide, you can confidently navigate the platform and leverage its innovative features to bring your literary work to a global audience.

NFTBOOKS not only empowers authors by offering perpetual passive income through royalties but also fosters a community where readers, authors, and investors can thrive. Join the NFTBOOKS platform today and take the next step in your publishing journey, where the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.


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