Tether to cease USDT minting on Algorand and EOS


In a significant strategic move, Tether, the issuer of the world’s largest stablecoin, has announced it will cease minting the dollar-linked USDT token on the Algorand and EOS blockchains. This decision marks a shift towards prioritizing community-driven blockchain support and aims to balance maintainability, usage, and community interest.

Tether to cease USDT minting on Algorand and EOS NFTBOOKS
Tether to cease USDT minting on Algorand and EOS

Overview of the Announcement

Tether’s decision to stop minting USDT on Algorand and EOS comes as part of a broader strategy to focus on blockchains with higher community engagement and usage. The change takes effect immediately, with new USDT issuance ceasing on these two blockchains. However, Tether will continue to redeem USDT on Algorand and EOS for the next 12 months, ensuring a smooth transition for users.

Current USDT Distribution

As of now, Tether has approximately $113 billion worth of USDT in circulation, spread across 16 different blockchains. The vast majority of USDT, however, is concentrated on just two chains: Tron, with about $59 billion, and Ethereum, with roughly $52 billion. In contrast, Algorand and EOS collectively account for a mere fraction of the total supply—$85 million on Algorand (0.08%) and $17 million on EOS (0.015%).

In-Depth Analysis

Strategic Considerations

Tether’s decision reflects a strategic pivot to maximize efficiency and support within its ecosystem. By focusing resources on blockchains with higher usage and community support, Tether aims to enhance the maintainability and effectiveness of USDT. This move aligns with broader trends in the cryptocurrency industry, where projects often streamline operations to focus on areas with the most significant impact and engagement.

Implications for Algorand and EOS

For Algorand and EOS, this decision may signal challenges in attracting and retaining major stablecoin issuers. While the immediate impact might seem minimal due to the low percentage of USDT on these chains, the long-term implications could be more substantial. Both blockchains may need to reassess their strategies to attract other stablecoin projects and bolster their ecosystems.

Market Impact

The broader cryptocurrency market is unlikely to experience significant disruption from this decision, given the relatively small amount of USDT on Algorand and EOS. However, this move underscores the importance of community engagement and usage in the blockchain space. Investors and developers might take this as a signal to prioritize chains with robust and active communities.

Potential Implications for the Crypto Market

  1. Refocused Resources: Tether’s shift allows it to allocate resources more effectively towards blockchains with greater adoption and community support. This could lead to improved stability and functionality for USDT on these platforms.
  2. Evolving Blockchain Ecosystems: Algorand and EOS may need to innovate and adapt to attract new projects and maintain relevance in a competitive landscape. This could spur new developments and enhancements on these platforms.
  3. Community Dynamics: The decision highlights the critical role of community engagement in the success of blockchain projects. Strong, active communities can drive adoption and sustainability, influencing strategic decisions by major players like Tether.

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Tether’s decision to stop minting USDT on Algorand and EOS represents a strategic shift aimed at prioritizing community-driven blockchain support. While the immediate market impact may be limited, the move underscores the importance of community engagement and usage in the blockchain space. As Tether continues to navigate the evolving landscape, its focus on maintainability and effectiveness will likely guide its future strategies, influencing the broader cryptocurrency market.


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