Why NFTBOOKS Outshines Amazon in Digital Reading

Can we imagine an alternative to Amazon where both authors and readers benefit the most? A place where authors can make more profits from their book sales and readers can read 10 books at the cost of one book on Amazon? Welcome to the world of NFTBOOKS, a groundbreaking platform that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the literary landscape. In this article, we explore how NFTBOOKS offers unparalleled advantages over traditional platforms like Amazon, ensuring a fairer, more profitable, and more engaging experience for authors and readers alike.

The Author’s Pain: Sharing Revenue with Amazon

Authors often find themselves sharing a significant portion of their hard-earned income with Amazon, ranging from 30% to 60% in royalties. This model, while providing a vast marketplace, places an undue financial burden on the creators, who are the true owners of their literary works. The concept of royalties is fundamentally meant to reward authors for their creativity and hard work, not to fill the coffers of large platforms. This inequity underscores the urgent need for a more author-centric platform that recognizes and rewards the contributions of writers fairly.

Why NFTBOOKS Outshines Amazon in Digital Reading

Enhancing the Reader Experience

  • Exploring the Secondary Market : On NFTBOOKS, readers can explore the secondary market to purchase books at lower costs. This option allows readers to find the same book at a reduced price, making literature more affordable and accessible.
  • Read Books on Rent : NFTBOOKS revolutionizes reading affordability with its rental feature. Readers can choose to read a book at just $0.001 per day, enabling them to read dozens of books at the cost of just one on traditional platforms. This feature democratizes access to literature, allowing readers to explore more without breaking the bank.
  • Investment Opportunities : By purchasing NFT books, readers gain access to compelling literary works and unlock potential investment opportunities. As the value of NFT books fluctuates in response to market dynamics, astute readers can capitalize on price appreciation. Alternatively, they can directly sell the book after reading it, reducing the cost of buying the book. This dual functionality of NFT books as literary assets and investment vehicles enhances their appeal to discerning readers.
  • Passive Income Generation :Owning NFT books opens the door to passive income generation. Through the rental feature, readers can monetize their book holdings by leasing them out to other users in exchange for rental fees. This steady income stream highlights the utility and value of NFT books beyond their literary merit, empowering readers to transform their passion for reading into a lucrative financial endeavor.

Create a Library

With the ability to accumulate multiple NFT books, readers can curate their own virtual libraries within the NFTBOOKS platform. This personalized collection reflects their literary preferences and serves as a foundation for entrepreneurial ventures. Readers can explore monetization opportunities by offering subscription-based access to their collection or organizing literary events and discussions within the platform.

Participate in Daily Activities to Earn Rewards

NFTBOOKS encourages active participation through its rewards system. Users can accumulate reward points by engaging in various activities, contributing to their overall interaction with the platform. These activities and their corresponding points include:

  • Buying a Book from Authors: 6 points
  • Reading an Entire Book: 1 point
  • Reviewing a Book After Reading: 1 point
  • Buying a Book in the Secondary Market: 1 point
  • Borrowing a Book: 1 point
  • Listing a Book for Sale: 1 point
  • Listing a Book for Rent: 1 point

These reward points substantially reduce the cost of books for readers and encourage more reading, enhancing the overall user experience.

Why NFTBOOKS is Different from Amazon

  • Decentralized and Transparent: NFTBOOKS operates on a decentralized platform using blockchain technology, ensuring all transactions are secure, transparent, and immutable. This promotes fairness and equity in the publishing process, unlike the centralized model of Amazon.
  • Enhanced Revenue Models: NFTBOOKS offers higher initial revenue, perpetual royalties, and rental income, significantly increasing authors’ earning potential. This contrasts sharply with Amazon’s model, which takes substantial cuts from authors’ earnings.
  • Incentives for Readers: NFTBOOKS provides numerous incentives for readers, including access to a secondary market, affordable rental options, investment opportunities, and passive income generation. Amazon, on the other hand, lacks these innovative features.
  • Community and Engagement: NFTBOOKS fosters a vibrant community through its affiliation program, rewards system, and opportunities for creating virtual libraries. This creates a more engaging and interactive environment for both authors and readers, unlike the transactional nature of Amazon.
  • Smart Contract Audits by Certik: Trust and security are paramount in the realm of digital transactions. NFTBOOKS prioritizes the integrity of its platform by subjecting its smart contracts to rigorous audits conducted by Certik, a leading blockchain security firm. This ensures that every transaction executed on NFTBOOKS is transparent, immutable, and resistant to tampering or fraudulent activities, instilling confidence in both authors and readers alike.


NFTBOOKS represents a revolutionary shift in the literary world, offering unparalleled benefits to both authors and readers. By leveraging blockchain technology, NFTBOOKS addresses the critical issues plaguing traditional platforms like Amazon, providing solutions that enhance transparency, protect intellectual property, reduce costs, and incentivize contributions. As we move further into the digital age, embracing platforms like NFTBOOKS will be crucial for the continued evolution and democratization of literature.
Please note that only the “copyright holder” of the book, who is the author, is entitled to perpetual passive “royalty income” from all subsequent transactions such as buy/sale, rent/borrow, etc.
By adopting NFTBOOKS, authors can achieve greater financial security and creative freedom, while readers can enjoy more affordable and accessible literary experiences. The future of publishing is here, and it is decentralized, transparent, and equitable.

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