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9 reasons to read books

9 reasons to read books

It must have happened a lot that you see and hear that people’s New Year’s resolutions include “reading more books”. You must have heard many statistics and figures about the lack of education per capita in different countries; But is reading a book necessarily a desirable action? Why should we read books? What are the benefits of reading books? Which one is better? Should we read a book and not learn from it and increase the reading per capita or should we read a few books and be influenced by them?

Why should you read books?

Researchers say that reading can be compared to an activity like eating. There are many reasons to include reading in our daily schedule. Of course, this does not mean that all people should read all the books in the world. By the way, it is better for each person to choose the books he/she likes. For this, you can look at the summary on the back of the cover or read the introduction or the author’s speech.

Every author, when he/she writes a book, does not consider all the people of the world to be the readers of his/her book. It must have readers with special characteristics in mind, and maybe you are not among those readers; So choose a book that is written for you. Rest assured that there are books that you can enjoy reading for the rest of your life.

Here are nine examples of reasons why reading can be as much a part of our daily activities as eating:

Reading is exercise for the brain

As much as your body needs exercise and movement to stay healthy, your brain needs to be exercised and exercised to stay healthy. Reading is an activity that increases your blood flow and makes your brain work better.

New ideas and problem solving

Have you ever read a mystery story and before the book answers your questions about the story, you find yourself answering them and predicting the events of the book? Research shows that reading books makes you follow patterns better, solve problems better, put yourself in the place of the characters in the story, and increase the power of experience and analysis of your brain.

You write better

You write better

When you read a book, your brain absorbs writing techniques and words. The same thing makes you unconsciously have those styles in your mind and use them when you write. Also, reading books increases your vocabulary; Even if you don’t know the meaning of a word, you can naturally understand its meaning from the words around it and use them in your writing.

You speak better

Since reading books increases your vocabulary and teaches you how to use those words in sentences, it also makes you speak better and more eloquently. In addition, the information you get from the book will give you new topics to talk about.

It affects your worldview

It may have happened to you that a sentence of distant acquaintance changed the way you think about a certain subject. Reading a book gives you the opportunity to get to know the author’s thoughts; Even if you read a book that has different opinions than you, it can introduce you to different points of view and make you challenge your beliefs and worldview and change or mature them.

It increases your concentration

It increases your concentration

Choose and read a book that is interesting enough for you; This is also a concentration exercise for your brain. In this case, your brain tries to connect with the subject of the book and focus on the story for better understanding.

The power of emptying invites you to play

By reading any book, especially if it is a fiction book, you put yourself in the place of the fictional characters and think, feel and act in their place. William Styron, an American writer, says:

After reading a good book, you usually get tired; Because you have lived instead of many people.

Inspirational reading

Reading a good book is like being with someone you love and being inspired by. As you observe the behaviors of that person and repeat the behaviors you like, a good book can also influence your behavior.

It reduces stress

Many researchers say that when you let yourself read a good book, your brain searches for new ideas and topics. When you put yourself in the place of a new character and live in his place, your nerves are calmer and your muscle and heart tensions are reduced.

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