How to join NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program: An Ultimate Easy Guide (Part 1)

NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program – an exciting opportunity to earn bonus crypto by inviting friends to join our community! Whether they are book enthusiasts, aspiring authors, or avid readers, you can now share the joy of reading and knowledge with others through your referral links and you will earn instantly $NFTBS in your wallet!

Our NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program comprises three fantastic programs: the User Affiliate Program, the Registration Affiliate Program, and the Authors Affiliate Program. Each program offers unique rewards for spreading the word about NFTBOOKS.

In this article, we will delve into the details of the Users Affiliate Program. So, scroll down to read more and join us on this rewarding journey! Encourage your friends to become part of NFTBOOKS and discover the unparalleled joy of reading and learning. Together, let’s make reading an even more enriching experience for everyone!

What is User Affiliate Program?

This program is suitable for all users, including readers, authors, and anyone interested in and possessing an account on NFTBOOKS. As a referrer, you will receive 5,000,000 NFTBS when the user you referred connects their wallet and utilizes any of NFTBOOKS’ features for the first time. These features include book registering to buy, renting, borrowing, reading, and writing book reviews.

The more you disseminate the opportunity to read books to others, the greater your rewards!

How to join the Users Affiliate Program?

Joining the Users Affiliate Program is easy and offers a chance to generate passive income. By signing up for free, you can instantly start earning by connecting your wallet and sharing the affiliate links. When someone makes a book purchase, becomes an author, or signs up using your shared links, you’ll directly receive $NFTBS in your wallet.

No KYC or any confirmation process is required to participate in this Affiliate Program. All you need is a crypto wallet on the Polygon network. Here are the simple steps to join the Users Affiliate Program:

6 easy steps to join Users Affiliate Program

Visit apps.nftbooks.info to access our platform and enroll in the Affiliate Program:


Connect Wallet

Connect your crypto wallet to our platform. You can choose from four options: Metamask, Coinbase, Wallet Connect, or Trust Wallet (the newest). For this guide, we’ll use the Metamask wallet.

Click on your wallet address and then select “My Profile,” as shown in the provided image:

Click on “Affiliate” and opt for “User Referrals” in the left column of the screen, which will display as the following page:

Copy your unique affiliate link and share it with your friends, introducing them to NFTBOOKS.

When the user you referred connects their wallet using your shared links and utilizes any of NFTBOOKS’ features for the first time, you’ll receive 5,000,000 $NFTBS directly into your wallet. These features include book registering to buy, renting, borrowing, reading, and writing book reviews.

7 FAQs about the Users Affiliate Program

Who is this program for? Can I use this link to introduce authors to join?

The Users Affiliate Program is open to all registered users on NFTBOOKS who connect their wallets. While you can invite authors to join, it’s recommended to use the Author Affiliate Program, as it offers even more NFTBS rewards!

Why haven’t I received my rewards while my friend has already participated?

As soon as your friend completes wallet connection and utilizes any features on NFTBOOKS, you will receive 5,000,000 NFTBS from us.

What rewards do the referred users receive after using the NFTBOOKS’s features?

At NFTBOOKS, we have a reward points program for all users. Whenever they use any feature on the platform, they will receive reward points based on that feature, as shown below:

Reward Point Program

How can I check my Affiliate history?

You can check your Affiliate history by clicking on the “Affiliate History” button on the upper section, as shown below:

Can I use another crypto wallet and register for a new account with a new referral code?

Using another crypto wallet to create a new account for the referral program is not allowed. NFTBOOKS reserves the right to terminate all referral commissions from accounts that attempt to do so.

How many affiliate programs are available for book readers currently? Is the NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program the only one?

While there are various referral programs available for inviting users to buy or publish books, the NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program stands out as the most rewarding and user-friendly program.

Is there any cost to join the NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program? Is it easy to join?

There is no cost to join the program, and it’s incredibly easy to participate. In fact, you stand to earn substantial income from us!

Closing thought

Join the NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program today and start earning crypto bonuses while sharing the joy of reading and knowledge with others! Together, let’s make the world of books more rewarding and enriching for everyone!


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