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NFTBOOKS Partners with Blockchain Australia – Australia’s Peak Industry Network

We are at NFTBOOKS, thrilled to announce our partnership with Blockchain Australia, a leading industry network for businesses that implement or evaluate blockchain or distribute ledger technology. This is one of our big steps to mark NFTBOOKS ’s name on the blockchain industry map of the world.

Blockchain Australia x NFTBOOKS — Blockchain Evolutionary The Book Industry

NFTBOOKS’ partnership with Blockchain Australia supports the use of blockchain technology by industries and governments across Australia. This helps to improve the way services are delivered in all sectors. We’re thrilled to be part of the Blockchain Australia ecosystem and to promote the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industry players, governments, and regulatory stakeholders in Australia.

As the world’s first blockchain book marketplace, partnering with Blockchain Australia is a significant step towards becoming the world’s largest blockchain book marketplace. We’re dedicated to providing the best products for reading, buying, selling, and publishing books to our users worldwide.

For any blockchain initiative to be successful, it needs a solid worldwide community. The book industry is a potential market for NFT publishing blockchain. NFTs are the future of the art and book publishing industries, and there is a lot of potential as interest in NFTs grows every day. This gives every NFT book lover an opportunity to own and control what they buy, borrow, and rent.

For book lovers: This partnership offers access to a vast blockchain library of books.

This partnership allows book lovers to access a large collection of books that use blockchain technology. NFTBOOKS has created a platform that connects authors and readers directly, without any restrictions. This platform is easy to use and allows students and readers to access educational resources at any time.

NFTBOOKS offers affordable options to purchase or rent books, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Many teachers around the world have already used NFTBOOKS to publish books for their students.

By working together with Blockchain Australia, NFTBOOKS will have more coverage and reach more people. Blockchain Australia is a well-respected organization that works on many blockchain projects, so this partnership is a great advantage.

For blockchain enthusiasts: This partnership opens the gate to develop their writing careers

As technology has evolved, books have also evolved from printed books to e-books and now to NFT books, which are digital books that use blockchain technology. Authors who are passionate about blockchain and NFTs want a platform to publish their NFT books, and NFTBOOKS is the place for them.

In partnership with Blockchain Australia, NFTBOOKS allows crypto enthusiasts to publish and distribute their books directly to readers without any middlemen, which helps to reduce problems related to copyright and pricing.

About Blockchain Australia

Blockchain Australia is a top association that represents the interests of the blockchain and digital currency sectors in Australia. They’re a not-for-profit organization with the goal of supporting the development and adoption of blockchain technology and digital currencies in the country.

The organization offers its member’s education, advocacy, and networking opportunities to help them succeed in the constantly changing blockchain industry. With members ranging from startups to established businesses, government bodies, and academia, Blockchain Australia aims to encourage innovation, increase awareness, and establish best practices in this emerging field.

Some of the notable members of Blockchain Australia include, Coinbase, Binance AUS, and Deloitte AUS,…

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NFTBOOKS is the first NFT book marketplace that leverages the transformative power of NFTs to offer readers affordable and accessible e-books, magazines, articles, literature, and poetry from all around the world. Our platform opens up a world of literary and artistic expression, just waiting to be discovered.

Through our use of NFTBS, readers can access an unmatched collection of literary works, art, and other creative content. Our approach to book publishing aims to make reading accessible and enjoyable for everyone, by providing a wide range of literary genres at the most affordable prices.

With a rapidly growing user base of over 7000 users worldwide and a surge of 4000+ new users in the past month alone, NFTBOOKS is quickly becoming a go-to destination for book enthusiasts everywhere. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, accessibility, and affordability in the world of book publishing is driving our mission to make reading more enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

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