Shaping the Future of Publishing and the Digital Book Revolution with NFTBOOKS.

NFTBOOKS: Opening the Doors to the Future of Publishing.

NFTBOOKS is a groundbreaking project that was publicly announced in June 2021, operating as a registered company in Australia and adhering to both domestic and international laws. With the launch of its mainnet on the Polygon network on February 17th, NFTBOOKS has presented a superior choice for publishing and experiencing digital books.

Polygon – A Reliable Network for NFT marketplace
NFTBOOKS has chosen to utilize the Polygon network for its mainnet, benefiting from significant advantages. Polygon is renowned for its high scalability, fast transaction times, and low transaction fees, creating a favorable environment for interacting with the products of projects within this ecosystem. This network is built on a standardized blockchain technology and is also one of the leading layer 2 networks, ensuring the highest level of safety and security currently available.

Polygon is one of top layer 2 blockchain.

NFTBOOKS’ Revolutionary Features

NFTBOOKS brings forth groundbreaking features that revolutionize the publishing industry and the digital book experience. Let’s explore these innovative capabilities:

1. NFT-based Book Publishing:
NFTBOOKS enables authors to publish their books as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This novel approach transforms books into unique digital assets, ensuring authenticity, provenance, and secure ownership on the blockchain.

2. Direct Reader Engagement:
NFTBOOKS allows readers to directly participate in the publishing process. They can register and purchase books as NFTs during author-specific book release events. This direct interaction enhances reader engagement and fosters a sense of community within the platform.

3. Resale and Rental of Books:
Readers can resell the books they own, unlocking new revenue opportunities. Additionally, they can choose to rent out the books they own, generating income from their book collections. This flexible approach empowers readers to leverage their book ownership for financial gains.

4. Affordable Book Rental:
NFTBOOKS introduces a cost-effective book rental feature, allowing readers to access books at lower costs. This feature enables readers to enjoy a wide range of books without significant financial burdens, promoting affordability and accessibility in the digital book ecosystem.

5. Localization Opportunities:
NFTBOOKS offers a unique feature that allows translators to register their interest in translating beloved books into different languages. This feature opens up opportunities for translators to contribute to the global availability of diverse literary works.

NFTBOOKS Reward Pool System.

Furthermore, there is a unique feature for users on the platform, which is the rewarding system based on their activities. Users are rewarded for their engagement, including registering and purchasing books from authors, buying/selling/renting books, or writing reviews about the books they enjoyed.

NFTBOOKS’ Points Rewards System

One fascinating and unique aspect that sets NFTBOOKS apart in the market is its user rewards system. With the rewarding mechanism called the “reward pool,” NFTBOOKS is creating an unprecedented opportunity for users. Every day, reward points are converted into NFTBS tokens, and this rewarding process continues indefinitely. This innovative system not only enriches the reading experience but also presents exciting prospects for knowledge enthusiasts and business-minded individuals to earn additional profits.


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