NFTBOOKS Airdrop Campaign: Winners List Announcement

The NFTBOOKS airdrop campaign winners’ list has been announced!

Congratulations to all participants who took part in NFTBOOKS airdrop campaign. 

As previously announced, we will have two prize categories: 

  • The top 100 referrers will share 27.5 billion NFTBS. To view the prize distribution results, please check sheet 2 in the Airdrop Result
  • 2000 valid participants will be randomly rewarded. The total Airdrop Pool is 187.5 billion NFTBS. To view the prize distribution results, please check sheet 3 in the Airdrop Result.

To know how we choose 2000 valid winners from 7567 participants, please check this video proof:

Please note that to be eligible for receiving the $NFTBS tokens, you must remain part of NFTBOOKS community during the reward distribution process.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] within three days (by June 25, 12:00 UTC) from when the airdrop winners list is announced.

For our convenience, please ensure that the subject of your email is “NFTBOOKS Airdrop Re-check” and kindly begin the message by providing the following details:

  • Twitter Username
  • Telegram ID
  • Telegram Username
  • Polygon Chain Wallet

Starting from that date, no further feedback or complaints will be accepted. Token distribution to your wallet will commence and is anticipated to conclude within one day (by June 26, 12:00 UTC).

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in this thrilling airdrop campaign!

If you want to earn more NFTBS tokens beyond this airdrop, join our NFTBOOKS Reward Pool program and enjoy substantial rewards in NFTBS! Learn more in this article.

NFTBOOKS Reward Pool Program


NFTBOOKS wants to change the way books are published by dealing with problems like copyright and pricing. By delivering books directly to users, the platform gets rid of the middlemen. We wants to make reading content available worldwide and help authors earn money. Our team is committed to constantly improving the product.

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