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The top 10 NFT books on the NFTBOOKS platform with the highest revenue.

Top 10 NFT Books Highest Revenue

If you’re curious about the latest trends in the world of NFT books, you won’t want to miss this. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 NFT books on the NFTBOOKS platform with the highest revenue. From fascinating fiction to healthy or ecommerce… Read on to discover the exciting world of NFT books and the unique experiences they offer to readers and creators alike.

  1. King of the Ferns
    The book “King of the Ferns” is a comprehensive guide to successfully growing Platycerium from spore to adult stage. While there has been information written about the 18 known species worldwide, this book takes a deep dive into the life cycle of the Australian staghorn, Platycerium superbum, which has not been previously written about in detail. The book is also useful for growing and looking after each of the 18 known Platycerium species, and features 216 pages and over 150 photos. The glossy book is a must-read for Platycerium enthusiasts, offering a conversational tone and valuable techniques. Discover “King of the Ferns, The Australian Staghorn Fern Experience” for an in-depth understanding of Platycerium superbum and the world of Platycerium.
  2. The Journey Of Success Against All Odds
    The Journey Of Success Against All Odds ” by Pollo Prosper . As you read, he hope is that this book will provide you with an in-depth and practical guide to help you live and intentional life.
  3. Master Web3 Marketing to Build a Thriving Community & Business
    The book discusses the emergence of Web3.0 and its impact on marketing. With the disappearance of third-party cookies, traditional marketing methods may no longer be effective. However, Web3 marketing offers a new way of creating personalized customer experiences. The book provides an overview of Web3 marketing, including its scope, challenges, and proven strategies, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to build a career in this field.
  4. The Whale, the Ship, Pancakes and Brave
    The Whale, the Ship, Pancakes and Brave” is the first book of a fiction series called “The Whale and the Ship Chronicles”. The book has universal language that encourages all ages, with lots of art and takes only 40 minutes to read. The story follows four characters: a whale, a ship, a girl named Pancakes, and a captain named Brave, who face storms similar to our trials in life. The whimsical approach with chocolate, cheese and suspense shows the process of waiting can be challenging, but it prepares us for what we want and helps us enjoy it better. The characters provide readers with a map to navigate through the storm of waiting, with a sense of humor, space between answers, and their horrible character in their wait.
  5. Lost Note
    Lost Note” is a short story about fighting depression and anxiety and the creation of the poem “Lost”. “Exquisite, truthful, brutal” literary artwork by xVALORIAN.
  6. Basic Knowledge about E-commerce
    “Basic Knowledge About E-Commerce” is a comprehensive guide that covers all essential aspects of e-commerce. The book includes an introduction to the nature and history of e-commerce, online payment methods, popular e-commerce platforms, and effective marketing strategies. It is written in simple and easy-to-understand language with real-world examples and detailed illustrations. This makes it a valuable resource for business owners, managers, and anyone interested in the e-commerce field. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in e-commerce by reading “Basic Knowledge About E-Commerce.”
  7. Cu Ngao
    “Cu Ngao” is a story about a skilled executioner who is an expert in the technique of beheading criminals. He is able to cut off their heads in a way that leaves a small piece of skin attached, as if he were cutting a flower stem without completely severing it from the branch. The story takes place when Cu Ngao is an old man, making a living by killing dogs. It explores the haunting emotions of his past life as an executioner, including the three days before he was hired to execute the patriot Trần Cao Vân, Thái Phiên, and others. The story culminates in the moment when Cu Ngao wields his sword to carry out the execution, a moment that is both vivid and dreamlike. Throughout the story, a period of history comes to life, illuminating the tragic and painful life of a person at the bottom rungs of society.
  8. Highly Sensitive People
    High Sensitive People” is a book that explores the causes and impact of being highly sensitive. Nearly 20% of the United States population is considered highly sensitive, and this sensitivity can greatly affect one’s emotional responses to stressful situations. The book delves into the factors that contribute to sensitivity, including experiences during childhood and social relationships, and provides insights into how to manage and cope with this trait.
  9. 100 Bagger Gems
    “100 Bagger Gems” that teaches readers how to make a fortune in the cryptocurrency market by identifying the best 100x crypto gems, investing in decentralized projects, and using effective entry and exit strategies. The guide also promises to reveal the precise strategy used by the top 1% of cryptocurrency investors to become wealthy.
  10. Living Your Best Life
    This book is addressing individuals who feel stuck in their current circumstances and are looking for a way to transcend conventional limitations. The author acknowledges the pain and uncertainty that can come with difficult situations, but encourages readers to take control of their lives and find hope and strength within themselves.
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