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5 Key Points For Sharing NFTBOOKS With Your Friends

Do you want to talk about NFTBOOKS with others but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for a simple way to explain NFTBOOKS and make people understand?

Read this article to discover five essential points that will help you easily discuss NFTBOOKS with your friends. The more people join us, the more opportunities to easily access knowledge are shared!

What Is NFTBOOKS? A Simple Explanation

To begin, it is important to provide a concise introduction to NFTBOOKS. Let’s explore how NFTBOOKS functions as a blockchain platform and outline our core vision, using clear and accessible language.

For example:

NFTBOOKS is a Polygon blockchain project that:

  • Bridges the gap between authors and readers.
  • Resolves copyright and pricing issues in the book industry.
  • Leverage blockchain and NFTs to provide an optimal platform for reading and publishing books, bypassing intermediaries.

Afterwards, you can talk more about the benefits of joining NFTBOOKS. We have summarized these benefits into five main points below. You can choose three out of these five ideas and share them with your friends.

For example, if your friend loves reading but wants to save money, you can select option 1,… Find the most suitable point that matches your friend’s preferences and discuss it with them!

1. Read NFT Books for Almost Zero Cost

At NFTBOOKS, you have the option to read books by purchasing or borrowing them. The cost of purchasing a book at NFTBOOKS starts at just 1M NFTBS (~$0.5), and the rental prices begin at only 1 NFTBS per day (almost zero cost).

NFT Books are ranging from 1M NFTBS (~$0.5) to 100M NFTBS ($10)

It’s a convenient way to read books using your phone or laptop, with incredibly low prices. No more searching for distant libraries or missing out on books that were previously out of reach. All of these challenges are resolved when you join NFTBOOKS. We provide high-quality books at prices that are nearly zero.

2. Buy NFT Books, Unlock Endless Rewards

At NFTBOOKS, we have an incredible reward points program for our users, which involves earning reward points that can be converted into NFTBS. When you engage with any of the products on NFTBOOKS, you will receive these rewards. Here’s how it works:

The spreadsheet that rewards your activity on the platform.

Looking at the photo, you can see that purchasing books is one of the fastest ways to earn points on NFTBOOKS. So, simply by buying a book, you accumulate points. Sometimes, the number of NFTBS you receive as a reward is even higher than the price you paid for that NFT book!

3. Level Up Your Language Skills With NFTBOOKS

Learn, learn more, learn forever – The boundaries of knowledge are infinite, necessitating daily reading and learning to avoid being left behind, especially in the era of growing AI and Web3 where inadequate skills can lead to replacement by AI.

At NFTBOOKS, where you’ll find a wide variety of copyrighted books by renowned authors. Our library is filled with fascinating titles from all over the world, including Indonesian, Vietnamese, English, Persian, Indian, Spanish, German, and more. With our decentralized library, you can enjoy high-quality books at affordable prices.

Whether you want to rent or purchase, we’ve got you covered. NFTBOOKS is the perfect place to enhance your language skills and continue your educational and professional journey.

4. Publishing and Investing – All At Once

One of the primary motivations behind NFTBOOKS is to ensure authors maximize their profits when publishing books with us.

In today’s unfair landscape, major book publishing platforms like Amazon demand authors to pay them more than 30-70% of their earnings from book sales. This exorbitant percentage is distressing because if you have $10, you would be required to give Amazon $3-$7, and when multiplied by significant profits, the author’s share becomes minimal.

At NFTBOOKS, authors only incur a publishing fee of less than 5%, which is 6 to 10 times lower than Amazon’s charges. Additionally, authors also benefit from investing in NFTBOOKS through holding NFTBS, our native token. NFTBS can be utilized to cover all features on our platform. Built on Polygon, long-term holdings of NFTBS present significant investment potential.

5. Connect and Expand Knowledge in NFTBOOKS Web3 Community

Do you ever search online for book reviews when you want to read a specific book? Sometimes those reviews are more like advertisements and don’t really tell you what the book is about.

It’s also hard for authors and translators to find each other and talk about translating books because they don’t always trust each other.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, at NFTBOOKS, we’re creating a special website where readers, authors, and translators can connect and share their thoughts about books.

It’s a place where anyone can write and publish their own thoughts and become an author quickly, making money right away.

It’s also a safe and easy way for authors and translators to find each other. And you can read book reviews from different perspectives.

Our Web3 Social Community is a great point for you to tell others about NFTBOOKS.

Closing Thought

So, we’ve provided you with important points to talk about NFTBOOKS with others. Coming up, we will release a Referral Program where you can earn substantial rewards from NFTBOOKS when you invite your friends to join. So, prepare some convincing reasons to invite your friends!

Don’t forget to read books every day on NFTBOOKS to not only gain knowledge but also earn numerous reward points from us!

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