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NFTBOOKS Authors Affiliate Program: An Ultimate Easy Guide (Part 2)

Our NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program offers three fantastic programs: the User Affiliate Program, the Registration Affiliate Program, and the Authors Affiliate Program. Each program provides exciting rewards for spreading the word about NFTBOOKS. You can check this guide to know how to join User Affiliate Program.

In this article, we’ll dive into the details of the Authors Affiliate Program. It’s a rewarding initiative that grants you bonuses for introducing authors to the NFTBOOKS platform. So, read on to discover more and join us on this fulfilling journey! Encourage your favorite authors to be a part of NFTBOOKS and experience the unmatched joy of reading and learning.

What is Authors Affiliate Program?

NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program – an incredible opportunity to earn bonus crypto by inviting your friends to join our thriving community! Whether they’re passionate about books, aspiring writers, or avid readers, you can now share the love of reading and knowledge through your unique referral links and earn instant $NFTBS in your wallet!

The Author Affiliate Program is a program that rewards users when they refer an author to NFTBOOKS. This program represents the most extensive passive income opportunity for NFTBOOKS users. The following outlines the rewards you will receive through this program:

ReferrerReferred Author
Pass review author (KYC)30,000,000 NFTBS
The first published book50,000,000 NFTBS20,000,000 NFTBS
5th published book70,000,000 NFTBS
10th published book90,000,000 NFTBS 

To put it simply, here’s a breakdown of the rewards you’ll receive through the NFTBOOKS Affiliate program:

  • When the author you referred signs up to the NFTBOOKS platform and completes their first book review, you will earn 30,000,000 NFTBS.
  • When the author you referred to publishes their first book, both you and the author will receive rewards. You will earn 50,000,000 NFTBS, and the author will receive 20,000,000 NFTBS.
  • When the author you referred to publishes their 5th book, you will earn 70,000,000 NFTBS.
  • When the author you referred reaches the milestone of publishing their 10th book, you will earn 90,000,000 NFTBS. 

Exclusive Additional Bonus Of NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program

In addition, as the number of referred authors increases, you will receive more bonuses. For 5 to 9 referred authors, you will earn double the NFTBS rewards. If you have more than 10 referred authors, the reward will be tripled (x3)! Get ready for an incredible earning potential that surpasses your imagination: 

The number of NFTBS rewards with 1 to 4 referred authorsX2 The number of NFTBS rewards with 5 to 9 referred authorsX3 The number of NFTBS rewards with more than 10 referred authors 
Pass review author (KYC)30,000,000 NFTBS60,000,000 NFTBS180,000,000 NFTBS
The first published book50,000,000 NFTBS100,000,000 NFTBS150,000,000 NFTBS
5th published book70,000,000 NFTBS140,000,000 NFTBS210,000,000 NFTBS
10th published book90,000,000 NFTBS 180,000,000 NFTBS 270,000,000 NFTBS

How to join the Authors Affiliate Program?

Joining the Authors Affiliate Program is easy and offers a chance to generate passive income. By signing up for free, you can instantly start earning by connecting your wallet and sharing the affiliate links. All you need is a crypto wallet on the Polygon network. Here are the simple steps to join the Authors Affiliate Program:

3 easy steps to join Authors Affiliate Program

Unlike the previous two Affiliate Programs, bringing authors into the fold is now easier than ever. Just follow these three steps: invite the authors, share your wallet address with them, guide them through the process of becoming an author, and then direct them to enter your referral code – and you’re all set! For a more comprehensive guide, see the instructions below:

Step 1: Invite Authors

Send out invitations to authors, inviting them to join NFTBOOKS, and make sure to highlight the benefits they can enjoy. You can find a compilation of the top NFTBOOKS benefits in this article.

Step 2: Help them become an NFTBOOKS author

The process of becoming an author on NFTBOOKS is straightforward:

Visit apps.nftbooks.info

Go to NFTBOOKS platform’s page at apps.nftbooks.info.

Connect Your Wallet

Link your cryptocurrency wallet with our platform. You have a choice of four options: Metamask, Coinbase, Wallet Connect, or Trust Wallet (the latest option). For this guide, we’ll use the Metamask wallet.

Click the “Become an Author” button

Tại trang web của NFTBOOKS, bạn hướng dẫn tác giả click vào ô “Become an Author” để bắt đầu gia nhập vào đại gia đình tác giả của chúng tôi:

Sau đó, tác giả cần Fulfill all the necessary author requirements set by NFTBOOKS:

Step 3: Enter your wallet address in the referral field

At this stage, authors should enter your wallet address in the designated field:

Once that’s done, authors can submit the information for our verification and approval.

Once the author you referred is approved by NFTBOOKS, you’ll receive an immediate 30M NFTBS in your wallet. And when that author publishes their first book, you’ll receive an additional 50M NFTBS, while the author also receives 20M NFTBS

7 FAQs About the Authors Affiliate Program

Who is eligible for this program? How many authors can i invite to join?

The Authors Affiliate Program is open to all registered users on NFTBOOKS who have connected their wallets. While you are able to invite authors to join, we recommend using the Author Affiliate Program for even greater NFTBS rewards!

Why haven’t I received my rewards when the author I referred has already participated?

Once the referred author has successfully connected their wallet and NFTBOOKS has approved their profile to become an author, you will receive 30,000,000 NFTBS as a reward.

What rewards do the referred authors receive when they use NFTBOOKS features?

At NFTBOOKS, we operate a Reward Points Program for all users. Whenever they engage with any feature on the platform, they will earn reward points based on that activity. Additionally, authors receive up to 95% profit from book sales, which is significantly higher than many other publishing platforms.

How can I review my Affiliate history?

You can access your Affiliate history by clicking on the “Affiliate History” button in the upper section of the platform, as depicted below:

Can I use a different crypto wallet and create a new account with a new referral code?

Using a different crypto wallet to set up a new account for the referral program is not permissible. NFTBOOKS retains the right to terminate referral commissions from accounts attempting such actions.

How many affiliate programs are available for book readers currently?

While there are several referral programs in place for inviting users to purchase or publish books, the NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program distinguishes itself as the most lucrative and user-friendly option.

Is there a fee associated with joining the NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program?

Joining the program is free of charge and incredibly straightforward. In fact, you have the potential to earn substantial income through our program!

Closing thought

In summary, the NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program offers an exciting opportunity to earn crypto by inviting friends to our community. Share your unique referral links and earn instant $NFTBS rewards. Our Authors Affiliate Program rewards you for introducing authors to NFTBOOKS, with bonuses for their achievements. Joining is easy – just sign up for free, connect your wallet, and start sharing your links. Join us in this fulfilling journey of reading, writing, and earning!

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